Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sarah Palin's Snappy Comeback


Did you happen to catch the candidate who handled her heckler with grace, poise, and dignity? It’s created quite a buzz in the media…

The Boston Globe spoke of her ‘snappy comeback.’ The Consortium for Independent Journalism reveled in ‘her deft reaction.’ MSNBC reported from the scene that there was ‘roaring cheers and applause from the stunned crowd.’ USA Today remarked about her ‘deadpanning.’ The New York Times noted that ‘Her words were drowned out by a cheering, now-standing crowd.’

Yes, the media was all sorts of in love with the quick retort to a crazed heckler.

But, if you thought that was in response to Sarah Palin’s excellent handling of an anti-war heckler, you’d be sadly, mistaken. Rather, those were all quotes in response to Hillary’s handling of the ‘Iron My Shirt!’ incident, nearly a year ago. It was all the MSM rage once upon a time.

In case you missed it, or are unable to view the link above, Palin received a thunderous round of applause when she told a heckler at a Florida rally that her son was in Iraq fighting for his freedom to heckle her.

"Bless your heart sir," Palin told the heckler, "My son is fighting in Iraq for your right to protest."

Check, and mate.

What of the media airing the incident involving Palin? Well, let me know if you actually see it on any television or news outlets. For, as much as the media was salivating over Hillary handling her heckler, they have been quite hushed about the Palin incident. Clinton after all, has been the media darling of the feminist movement and, well, she’s a Clinton. And the MSM would much rather report on why people hate Sarah Palin, than cast her in a positive light.

As of this posting, only local news stations covered the incident, along with Fox News, and of course some keen-eyed conservative writers.

Is this yet another example of media PDS? More attention is paid to the Code Pink style delusional protestor than to an able-minded conservative Vice Presidential candidate.

God forbid they would air a witty and logically justifiable response to an anti-war protestor. That just wouldn’t coincide with their own agenda.

Photo Credit: Associated Press

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