Saturday, October 11, 2008

Making an Issue Out of Nothing

Gallup Finds Race is Meaningless in This Election... Unless You're Non-White

As Gallup polling organization says, race is a natural question to ponder with this election since Obama is the first black man to gain the nomination of a major party. But, instead of finding race to be a major factor among whites, the polling from Gallup has found that considerations about race is basically a wash making the issue practically meaningless as a factor in possible vote outcomes with white voters. So much for the Left's claims that whites won't vote for Obama because he's black.

Gallup found that only six and seven percent of white voters polled even found race a factor at all, with six percent saying they'd be less likely to vote for Obama based on race and seven percent actually saying they are more likely to vote for Obama because of his race. That pretty much cancels each other out, I'd say.

But of note are the non-whites that say they will vote for Obama because of his race. About double the amount of non-whites (15%) said they are more likely to vote for Obama because he's black as well as less likely to vote for McCain based on his race (13%).

So, it looks like the race card is firmly in the hands of minorities instead of whites. One wonders why all the charges of racism from the Old Media and the political left are levied against whites when it seems that minorities are far more racist than whites? At least if these polling numbers are to be believed, this would be the case.

But, even at that rate, let's face it. Race is so far at the bottom of the list that it doesn't factor in much for voting totals nationwide.

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